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US, UK, KSA, ‘israel’, seek the theft of global resources: Writer

The United States, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Israel, “and their globalist allies all seek the theft of resources while building a one world system of complete domination and control over all the world's human and material resources,” according to Walt Peretto, an American writer and sociopolitical analyst in Washington.

Footage shows American made weapons arriving in war-ravaged Yemen secretly as the country suffers from the ongoing Saudi aggression.

Released by CNN on Wednesday, the video purportedly shows US-made Oshkosh armored vehicles in the early morning darkness at the Yemeni port of Aden.

The US heavy weaponry and reinforcement were meant to support Saudi Arabia and its allies in their aggression against the impoverished country.

Commenting on this Peretto said, “It’s sad and ironic at the same time that US public information ‘experts’ spread the blame for the September 11th attacks on Saudi hijackers with no jet flying skills, Osama bin Laden (a dialysis patient), and even Saddam Hussein and others…without ever actually addressing the Zionists and Neocons who actually planned and carried out the attacks.”

“They spread the blame by hinting that Saudi Arabia was instrumental in the planning and carrying out of 9/11 – yet the US continues to sell them weapons after invading Afghanistan and Iraq during the post-9/11 confusion.  The Western mainstream media is now reporting that US weapons are arriving in Yemen to aid Saudi Arabia’s campaign against Yemeni sovereignty. This after the US announced a 110 billion dollar arms deal with the House of Saud,” he added.

“In reality, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the United States, Great Britain and their globalist allies all seek the theft of resources while building a one world system of complete domination and control over all the world’s human and material resources. Syria and Yemen remain unwilling participants in this global fantasy–so the United States military machine is now aiding Saudi Arabia in its bloody aggression against its neighbor Yemen, just as Israel and the United States employ mercenaries to destabilize Syria…particularly in the resource  rich North where Kurds are used as pawns as needed,” he noted.

“In Yemen, US military equipment shipped in to aid the Saudi backed forces is portrayed by the US media as part of the phony war on terror that has been the justification of endless US and allied aggression against any country in the Middle East and Northern Africa that is not led by a globalist one-world agenda. Fighting against the US backed Saudi aggressors are the Houthi who receive some aid from Iran. The Western mainstream media hints that the Houthi are one of the enemies on the war on terror to justify US aid to the Saudis. When in fact the Saudi/US alliance is actually a globalist agenda and the Houthi is getting in the way of these goals. Of course American war profiteers reap the benefits of this multi-billion dollar arms deal as another example of short term profits for a few individuals while advancing the long term globalist goals of the finance cartels based mostly in London,” he said.

“For the globalist one-world proponents to achieve their goals, they must have a uniform set of information networks to disseminate their propaganda. In the US, only six corporations own virtually all of the mainstream media. All these sources receive their information from Reuters which was purchased by the globalists well over a hundred years ago, and since former President Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act, all of the US mainstream media now has one source of information to keep thoughts and ideas uniform without the threat of independent research and analysis muddying the waters,” he said.

“The advent of the internet has opened up new sources of information that is deemed ‘unofficial’ and theory based, yet in reality it’s mixed with hard evidence-based reporting that is often at odds with the contrived Reuters narratives. The internet is also filled with spillage from globalist disinformation that often poses as independent and fact-driven news. So one must develop the skills to decipher truth from fiction on the internet. The globalists are also seeking new ways to censor truth as we enter the fourth decade of internet popularity,” the analyst concluded.

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