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US-zionist backed ISIL keeps massacring Muslims no matter Shia or Sunni: Mass grave with 150 bodies in Iraq’s Ramadi

Mass grave with 150 bodies

Evidence emerges of another massacre by ISIL forces advancing on the Iraqi city of Ramadi
A mass grave containing 150 bodies has been discovered in central Iraq, raising fears of a posssible massacre carried out by Isil on their march towards Baghdad.
The grave was found on Thursday in Ramadi, the embattled capital of Anbar province, about 70 miles west of Baghdad, security forces said.
The dead men are believed to be from the Albu Nimr tribe, a Sunni group which has opposed the advance of fighters from the ISIL.
Another 70 corpses were found in the nearby town of Hit. All of the victims are believed to have been captured by Isil during the course of this week and murdered in the last few days.
The aim of the atrocity appears to be to sow terror among any Sunni tribes suspected of opposing Isil.

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