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US’s maximum pressure against Iran in its last days: Iranian Passive Defense Org.

Last year, Iran was targeted by over 40,000 foreign-led cyber-attacks, mostly coming from the West.

The Head of Iran’s Passive Defense Organization says all were nipped in the bud.

Brigadier General Gholamreza Jalali made the remarks in a press conference held to mark the national passive defense week.

Passive defense as opposed to active defense is a set of measures that do not require application of weapons and are taken to strengthen a country’s infrastructure against possible hostile actions.

The Iranian official said the Islamic Republic has enhanced both its passive and active defenses to a level that made the US regard any direct confrontation with Iran as a red line.

Now as the presser comes on the heels of the termination of the United Nations’ arms embargo against Tehran, the Iranian official said this is yet another blow to Washington’s so-called maximum pressure, which he says is passing its last days.

Tehran says its passive defense has played a key role in foiling attempts by the White House in the psychological and economic warfare against Iran.

Some say Iran has also successfully countered an all-out effort by the United States to pit the Iranian people against their government.

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