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Ustad Said Nursi quote from Imam ‘Ali (May God be pleased with him)

God’s Most Noble Messenger (Peace and blessings be upon him), the Supreme Qur’anic commentator, expounded the verse with this supplication. Then the Messenger’s important, precise, intelligent, and exacting student, Imam ‘Ali (May God be pleased with him), composed a supplication-like commentary on his Master’s supplicatory commentary, and discovering another aspect of the supplication, uncovered a further face of the verse. Keeping in mind his Noble Master’s supplication, he described that aspect of the verse as follows. As we gave a short meaning and translation of the supplication above, so do we for this one:
“O God! In the heavens are no rotations or motions but through their order and wisdom they testify to your existence, making You known. On the earth are no changes and transformations, and no states or circumstances, but through their order and regularity they make You known together with Your unity and dominicality. In the seas is no creature, nor even a drop of water, but through its wisdom it points to Your existence and testifies to Your dominicality. In the mountains are no minerals, chemicals, or rocks, stored up for living beings, but through their uses and benefits they testify to Your dominicality and existence. In the heart is no thought inspired from the Unseen but it points to Your existence and testifies to Your unity. On the trees are no leaves but through their order and wisdom they recognize You, that is, they proclaim that they are the works of Your art. In bodies there are no movements but they testify to Your dominicality. O my Creator! For the sake of Your power, which subjugates the heavens and the earth, subjugate to me those things that I wish!”
Now, an impotent student of Imam ‘Ali (May God be pleased with him) and wretched servant of the Qur’an, expounding this supplication of his also with a supplication, wanted to disclose in the light of the Greatest Name one aspect of the sublime verse by expounding that aspect of the above supplication, which is only one of the hundred sections of the supplication of the Supreme Interpreter, that is, Jawshan al-Kabir. The student of Imam ‘Ali (May God be pleased with him) says:
O My God and Sustainer!
I see through the eyes of belief, the instruction and light of the Qur’an, the teachings of God’s Noble Messenger (Peace and blessings be upon him), and the indications of the Name of All-Wise, that in the heavens there are no rotations and motions but through their order and regularity they point to Your existence. There is no heavenly body but through its silently performing its duty and
remaining in place without prop it testifies to Your dominicality and unity. There is no star but through its balanced creation, regular position, luminous smile, and the stamp of its similarity to the other stars, it indicates the majesty of Your Godhead and Your unity. There is not one of the twelve planets but through its wise motion, docile subjection, orderly duties, and significant satellites, it testifies to Your necessary existence and indicates the sovereignty of Your Godhead.
Yes, —O Creator of the Heavens and Earth, who directs and administers all particles together with all the orderly components they make up, and spins the planets and their regular satellites, subjugating them to His command!— just as each of the inhabitants of the heavens testifies on its own, so in their totality they testify to Your necessary existence and unity in a way so clear and powerful that shining proofs to the number of stars in the heavens affirm that testimony.
Also, appearing as a regular army or imperial fleet decked out with electric lights, the limpid, beautiful, spotless heavens with their extraordinarily huge and speedy bodies, point clearly to the splendour of your dominicality and tremendousness of Your power, which creates all things; and to the boundless extent of Your sovereignty, which overspreads the heavens, and to Your mercy, which embraces all living things; and testifies indubitably to the comprehensiveness of Your knowledge, which is concerned with all the states and circumstances of all the creatures of the heavens, and embraces them and orders them, and to Your wisdom, which encompasses all things. This testimony is so evident it is as though the stars are the words and luminous embodiments of the skies’ testimony.
Also, like disciplined soldiers, orderly ships, wondrous aeroplanes, or marvellous lamps, the stars in the arena of the heavens, and in their seas and vast spaces, show the glittering splendour of the sovereignty of Your Godhead. As is suggested by the duties of the sun —one star among the members of that army— which are related to its planets and our earth, some of its companions, the other stars, look to the worlds of the hereafter and are not without duties; they are the suns of eternal worlds.

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