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Vahidi: US Suffering Most Difficult Economic Period

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi reiterated on Thursday that the “US is now experiencing the most difficult economic period.”
He further stressed that “the American statesmen, instead of meeting the real needs of their people, have focused on issues with no value for their nation.”
Vahidi said that “the US is currently experiencing the most difficult economic era,” and emphasized that “Washington suffered defeat in the international political scene such as its failures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.”

“Instead of considering the real demands of Americans, the US statesmen have concentrated on the issues that have no values for the people,” he said.
Vahidi said that “the saber-rattling of the US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney against Iran is aimed at diverting the US public opinion from the grave domestic issues.”

“The economic issue is one of the [most] important factors in the American people’s decisions to vote, while none of the US presidential candidates, neither Democratic nor Republican, have presented a solution yet to break the economic stalemate they have reached,” he added.
In an interview with the “Israeli” newspaper Haaretz, Romney said, “We will employ every means short of military power. We recognize that if all means are exhausted and fail, a military option will have to be considered.”

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