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Venezuela: Obama is worse than Bush

Head of Venezuela’s top legal body has lashed out at President Barack Obama for his undelivered vows of change in US policy.

The Venezuelan National Assembly President, Cilia Flores, strongly criticized Obama for failing to overrule former President George W. Bush’s doctrines of war, adding that Obama’s administration is “worse” than his predecessor’s.

She slammed the US for following in Bush’s ‘footsteps’ in “installing” military bases in South America under the pretext of combating organized crime, a reference to the recent stationing of US troops in seven Colombian military camps.

“When we thought there couldn’t be anything worse than Bush,” Flores noted, along came Obama “masked” as the “hero of the film” who emerged as “more of the same,” the Latin American Herald Tribune quoted her as saying on Wednesday.

Obama had repeatedly spoken of major changes in US foreign diplomacy, but his failure to bring about the overhaul in America’s international relations policy has drawn fire from critics worldwide.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez once referred to the improbability of significant change in Washington’s policy and implied that the “young black” man, meaning Obama, would be taken over by “Washington Establishment.”

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