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Venezuela’s current opposition divided in pro and anti US

These days in Venezuela, analysts say that political division prevails within the nation's opposition, as one sector is regarded as moderate and proposes resolving the national problems electorally and without US intervention, while the other sector is considered as the radical one and is asking for US intervention to finish by force the presidency of socialist leader Nicolas Maduro.

As the Bolivarian Republic organizes regional elections for later this year, members of the moderate opposition are already calling on all citizens to participate in such elections, arguing that voting is the only way to make a positive change in Venezuela.

But on the side of the opposition known as radical, which includes hardliner Juan Guaido, relations are still strong with the US and therefore the proposal is to urge Washington to implement tougher economic sanctions against the Maduro administration. This side of the opposition alleges all elections are a sham and for such reason, a military intervention by the US is needed to overthrow Maduro. Meanwhile, government officials dismiss the accusations against the electoral system.

Caracas says that leaders of the US-backed opposition will soon be held accountable over helping Washington in the confiscation of Venezuela’s assets abroad, which has deeply harmed the economy of the Latin American country.

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