Video- A brave Syrian army officers to negotiate with the rebels

That a Syrian army official told the rebels said: We belong to
Syria, a country with a national children, our blood each other , just need to
live in peace rather than war, killing, because we are one people …


At the beginning: some mumbling.


FSA: where are you from?

Officer: come out, you’re safe

FSA: and you’re also safe, come over

Officer: inaudible

FSA: where are you from ? (x2)

Officer: I am not against you, I am from Syria

FSA: where in Syria?

Officer: from our homeland

FSA: from where in Syria?

Officer: you’re my brother; if you’re Syrian, you’re my brother….. there it is (as he puts down his weapon, the first time).

FSA: ok, come over to us, by allah, you’re safe….. come over, brother….. come to us.

Officer: we are with you… we don’t want to destroy anything or harm anyone…. You are our people and brothers

FSA: ok, then come to us

Officer: I am with you, and I am not against you…. These are our houses
and these are our people…. By allah and by mus’haf (Quran) even these
rocks are dear to me

FSA: what about this destruction?

Officer: this rock is dear to me (as he points down to the ground)

FSA: ok ok… but what about this desctruction?…. what is this? And how about those tanks?

Officer: motions his troops to back off.

FSA: I used to be a solider with you (Syrian arm) and I know what
oppression is…. I was a solider with you and I’ve seen oppression and
how we used to treat civilians…. (as the officer turns around and walks
back to his soldiers)…

FSA: what’s this?…. come back over here… go where he is, brother….
where is he going?….. come over and drink water (as the officer puts
down his weapon).

FSA: Suleiman (another FSA)…. Why did you and Abu Alnoor go over there?
(as the officer walks over to them)…. Come over here Suleiman, get over
here, brother….. another FSA: he put down his gun and he’s coming over.


FSA: …. an officer in the general leadership of the armed forces

Officer: when a bad officer or a corrupted minister comes along, he
ruins it for all of us…. And in every suburb and every family, there’s a
bad one…. In every family there’s a bad one.

FSA: where are you from?

Officer: but not all people are bad….. none of your concerns… I am Syrian; I say I am from Syria

FSA: I am from Hama

Officer: I volunteered and studied engineering…. Thanks to this country
and thanks to you… from the money of this country….. by the mus’haf
(quran), I’ve given my house to someone from Al-Qusayr without rent.

FSA: 50 women and 100 men…. You took them to the checkpoint/outpost….. why?

Officer: without filming please

Interview ends.”

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