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Video- CIA spies captured in Lebanon

Hezbollah is in the headlines again this time with the spotlight on its intelligence capabilities. This after American media quoted US officials saying that several CIA informants had been arrested in Lebanon this year, after being tracked down by Hezbollah together with Lebanese state intelligence.US media also quoted sources describing this as a big blow to the CIA and at the same time referring to Hezbollah as an accomplished intelligence organization.

Experts say that what makes this setback even greater is that Lebanon is known as a hub for intelligence activity. The importance of this aspect now is further enhanced with the events in neighboring Syria.

But some warn that the leaking of these American confessions could signal a new approach which the CIA is preparing for its enemies.

The US continues to label Hezbollah a terrorist organization and the group is a staunch ally of Iran which many is gaining ground regionally over the US.

With US military force proving unsuccessful as can be seen in Iraq and Afghanistan, a cold war could be seen as the better option. However with this latest development along with identification of Mossad operatives in the assassination of a Hamas official in Dubai last year it seems the US and it’s allies are losing ground in this type of war as well.

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