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Video- Egyptians rally last chance friday to end military rule

As El Ganzouri confirmed his appointment as the new Prime Minister to form the National Salvation Government, thousands continued to rally in Tahrir Square to demand the fall of the ruling military council. Slogans on posters, chants in the air and the feeling on the ground echo the days of the uprising at the beginning of the year.

Following violent clashes throughout the week the field hospitals house protesters still suffering from the effects of live ammunition and tear gas. The military council has officially apologised for the death of the matyrs which protesters claim is too little too late, whist some soliders have openly come forward to citicise the methods of the military leadership
From around different areas of Cairo groups had marched to Tahrir Square to join the protests in what has been dubbed “last chance Friday”. The feeling on the ground has been mixed and some protesters claim that now is not the time for the election and that they denounce El Ganzouri as the new Prime Minister.

In other parts of Egypt there are reports of further disrest, but the Protesters of Cairo’s Tahrir Square remain jublinet as they continue to shout their demand for the removal of Field Marshal Tantawi.

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