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VIDEO: Footage of Aleppo Boy Pulled from Rubble in Syria nothing but FAKE


The authenticity of the video of Syrian boy Omran which went viral worldwide, alleging it may have been faked as part of a Western propaganda war.

The video showed the stunned-looking five-year-old covered in blood and dust after an air strike in Aleppo last week, with the US State Department calling the child the real face of the Syrian war.

In the video, the people standing around Omran, including the camera man, are the members of Nour al-Din al-Zenki terrorist group who participated in the killing of Palestinian child “Abdullah Issa” in a footage released a few weeks ago.

Western governments and medias are supporting terrorists in Syria. And in this video they used the poor boy for their propaganda to set their goal. And their goal is to make you believe the terrorists are the victims.

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