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VIDEO: Iran’s Bavar-373 air defense system proves success in first major exercise

For the first time, in the joint specialized air defense exercise between the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Iranian Army, the domestically-made Bavar-373 air defense system was used to shoot down hypothetical enemy targets.

According to Fars News Agency, who quoted the army information base, the Bavar-373  air defense system succeeded for the first time in shooting down enemy targets over Iranian airspace.

This is the first presence of the Bavar-373 system in an air defense exercise, which had a very successful performance under the control and guidance of the country’s integrated air defense network.

The Bavar-373 is the first high-altitude and long-range air defense system developed in the country, which was produced with the cooperation of the country’s defense industry experts and the army air defense force.

Brigadier General Abbas Farajpour, spokesman for the Joint Air Defense Exercise, said on Thursday:

“Our country’s indigenous defense systems have a say in the world and today we have appeared in this field in the world for the first time. We are not satisfied and we are always updating and upgrading our systems and equipment to protect and defend the country’s sky.”

He cited the establishment of domestic defense systems in the country as the reason for the enemies’ fear of invading Iran.

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