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Video- North Americans dumbed down by government putting fluoride in drinking water

Water, or H20, is essential for human existence. And it ought to go without saying that without clean, unpolluted water humanity is imperiled. Yet in the 1930s a cabal of elites including titans of the aluminum industry and nascent nuclear industry decided to rid themselves of the problem of disposing with the toxic substance of fluoride by lobbying for its addition to civilian drinking water.

Edward Bernays, the founding father of modern propaganda was hired to sell water-fluoridation to the American people as was Dr. Harold Hodge who was the chief toxicologist for the Manhatten project.

Last year Calgary’s city council, after coming under pressure from citizen anti-fluoride activists, voted to stop imposing the potentially harmful substance on the people of Calgary. But citizens in many other North American cities are still being forcefully medicated by unethical politicians who appear to be influenced more by powerful vested interests than by common sense.

Cities like here in Lethbridge, Alberta where water is still fluoridated much to the displeasure of many of its residents.

With at least 18 peer-reviewed studies demonstrating that elevated levels of fluoride exposure leads to IQ deficits in children, along with many other potential afflictions, one cannot help wondering whether those in power know that they benefit from having a dumbed down citizenry and thus continue to pump fluoride into the public’s water to foster acquiescence to their hegemony.

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