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Video-Syrians mourn blast victims by zio-U.S

Thousands of Syrians marched to the Umayyad mosque in old Damascus to participate in the funeral procession of the people who were killed in the twin attacks that targeted security bases in Damascus on Friday. The bodies of the martyrs arrived each in a minibus. They were wrapped in the Syrian flag and were taken to the inside of the mosque. Several countries in addition to the UN have condemned the attacks. The minister of religious endowments Mohammad Abdulsattar al-Sayyed read a statement issued by Muslim and Christian figures condemning the terrorist attacks. He also spoke about a conspiracy targeting Syria.

The families of the martyrs said the people killed in the attacks sacrificed their lives for their homeland. They asked the Syrian government to put an end to armed groups harming security in the country.

Syrians took to the streets around the mosque. They raised the Syrian flag and shouted slogans, expressing their unity in the face of attacks against their country.

The Syrian government blames armed gangs and foreign backed groups for the killings.

Syrians are calling for punishing those responsible for the attacks. They say they will stay united in the face of what they call a conspiracy targeting their country.

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