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Video-Tunisians protest outside parliament

Protests of secular and Islamic groups gathered in front of parliament are still going on.

Secular and Islamic protesters took to the streets in Bardo to express their views on how big a role Islam should play in society after the country’s Arab Spring revolution.
Tensions have been running high between the two camps since January when a moderate Islamist party came to power at the head of a coalition government.

About 3,000 Islamists gathered outside the constitutional assembly in the Bardo district of the Tunis on Saturday, separated by a police cordon from a counter-protest by about 1,000 secularists.

The Islamists say the secularist elites who have run the country since independence from France is still restricting their freedom to express their faith. Their rivals say the Islamists are trying to impose an Islamic state in what has been one of the Arab world’s most liberal countries.

The latest flare-up of tension is complicating efforts by Ennahda and its two secularist coalition partners to agree on the make-up of a coalition government.

With tensions like this, Tunisia seems still dividend on the direction of its revolution.

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