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Video- US ‘occupy protests’ reach Washington

The “Occupy” protests in Washington DC continue with people descending upon the Freedom Plaza, near the White House and several blocks from Capitol Hill, for the “Occupy Freedom Plaza” round-the-clock camp out effort, Press TV reports.

The protest rallies are part of a larger movement across the US that has included major demonstrations in states of New York, Colorado, California, and Arizona.

Similar to the ongoing “Occupy Wall Street” protest campaign in New York, the newer protest rallies intend to demonstrate the frustration of people over US corporatism and graft that have led to deep social inequality and unprecedented political dissent, as the income gap in the country continues to grow wider.

What unites the protesters is the sense that Washington’s corporate interests have come at the expense of the average American citizen.

Many of the protesters carried signs identifying themselves as the “99%,” in contrast to the other 1% of US population that they say are substantially richer.

“Corporate greed is the problem, we want an economy that focuses on human needs, we want politicians that represent us not the one percent of the wealthiest people in this country,” a protestor told Press TV.

Many are angry over the trillions of dollars that have gone to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq instead of going to the direct benefit of Americans.

“We’re here today to say that we want to stop spending all our money on war, the military budget; 3 trillion dollars for war is absurd when we have almost a third of people in our nation’s capital [Washington] DC living in poverty, we need to cut our money back from these ongoing occupations that aren’t making things better there and are just seeping the resources we need here in the states,” another protestor said.

Protesters have vowed to continue the anti-corruption and anti-greed campaign indefinitely.

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