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VIDEO: Victorious Syrian Army celebrates after capturing strategic quarter in Aleppo

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) captured the strategic Al-Zahra’a Association Quarter in the northwestern part of Aleppo city on February 16, 2020, marking the end of the battle for the provincial capital after nearly eight years of fighting.

The battle for the Al-Zahra’a Association Quarter in Aleppo city was arguably the most intense and longest battles in the Syrian conflict, as the fighting there lasted for over seven years.

Similar to much of the battle in western Aleppo, Al-Zahra’a was stuck in a stalemate for several years, with both the Syrian Arab Army and jihadist rebels trading offensives inside the quarter, but failing to hold any ground.

During the jihadist campaign to capture the Al-Zahra’a Quarter, they repeatedly used tunnels to target the Syrian Army’s positions, often detonating explosives under the Air Force Intelligence building.

As shown in the video below, the capture of the Al-Zahra’a Quarter was very emotional for the Syrian troops that were deployed at its front-lines for several years.

Source: AMN

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