Video- WSJ: Syrian Opposition Would Cut Iran Military Ties

The head of the so-called “Syrian opposition” outside Syria stated – nine months on the riots in the Arab country – that his pro-western group aims at cutting Damascus’s military ties with Iran and stop backing the Resistance of Hezbollah.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, the president of the so-called “Syrian National Council” Burhan Ghalioun described the objectives of the riots in Syria as “part of a broader Syrian reorientation back into an alliance with the region’s major Arab powers.”

So far thousands of Syrian security men, soldiers and civilians have been killed mainly in armed clashes with armed gangs loyal to Ghalioun and the SNC. The Syrian national television and other Syrian satellite channels have been exposing what they describe as the conspiracy against Syria. Dozens of captured “thugs” have testified to killing civilians and military men in what appears as a media war between pro-SNC satellite channels – that claim regime forces are killing civilians – and the Syrian media that refutes the claims through documented footage, pictures, and testimonies.

Syria, along with Iran, Hezbollah, and the Palestinian resistance are the main obstacle en route to a new US-israeli fashioned Middle East. Although backed by the US and many Arab regimes including the Lebanese government then headed by Fouad Siniora, Israel sought in 2006 to crush Hezbollah but it was destined to defeat. Iran has been under heavy pressure to stop its peaceful nuclear program, but more than 30 years of sanctions and wars couldn’t bring the Islamic Republic to its knees. Also in 2008-2009, Israel tried to finish off the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas in Gaza, but the Zionist entity was also destined to fail. Syria, for its part is the main supporter of these resistance movements and probably the last Arab country to still consider Israel as the sole enemy of this region’s countries. According to the Wall street journal, what is taking place in the Middle East has “devolved into a power struggle pitting the U.S. and its Arab allies, such as Saudi Arabia, against Iran and its allies. Syria is viewed as the central prize, due to its strategic position and role in the Arab-Israeli struggle.”

Ghalioun called on the international community to take “aggressive steps including the possible establishment of a no-fly zone in Syria.”

The Syrian government has warned against such move as well as establishing a buffer zone on Syrian soil near the border with Turkey. “Syria is not Libya,” a Syrian official said. He was referring to Benghazi being the central city from which the Libyan revolution initiated its anti-Gaddafi campaign and toppled his regime.

Turkey, which on Wednesday joined the Arab League, U.S. and European Union in imposing financial sanctions on Damascus, has raised the possibility of establishing a buffer zone inside Syria to protect civilians from president. Assad’s forces, the Wall street journal said.

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