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‘We have missiles that can fight Saudi for years’ says Yemen Hezbollah

The Foreign Minister of the Houthi-backed government in northern Yemen, Hisham Sharaf ‘Abdullah, sat down for an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Wednesday, in order to discuss the current situation in Yemen.

‘Abdullah told Amanpour that Saudi Arabia should stop fighting their war against Iran inside of Yemen.

The minister said that “these guys (Saudi Arabia) are trying to fight Iran in our territories. Why don’t they go to Iran?”

‘Abdullah said that the U.S. should stop using Saudi Arabia to fight Iran and help put an end to the ongoing war inside of Yemen.

The minister then denied the claims that Iran has been arming the Houthi forces with missiles, adding that they have had these weapons for several years.

“These missiles, we have them a long time ago from the Russians. We have improved them to defend ourselves,” he said, adding “and I tell the whole world, we have missiles that can fight Saudi for years.”

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