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‘We will fight any war against Israel’ – Harakat Al-Nujaba

The spokesperson for the Iraqi paramilitary group Harakat Al-Nujaba told the Russian journalist Demir Nazarov this week that they will “fight any war against Israel” in the near the future.

The Russian journalist asked the spokesperson, “Israelis believe that you will participate in any possible war between them and Lebanon and Syria, how do you see this?”

“In accordance with a religious obligation and due to our belief principles, we should stand against this occupying regime; and in any war against Israel, we will certainly stand by other resistance groups, and chiefly, next to the Lebanese Hezbollah,” the spokesperson, Nasr Al-Shammari, stated.

“In case of any war between Hezbollah and Syria against the Zionist Regime, it will be an honor for us to stand in the front line formed against Israel for restoring the rights of Arab and Muslim nations,” he continued.

In another part of the interview, Al-Shammari criticized Turkey’s military intervention in eastern Syria, calling it a violation of international regulations and Syria’s sovereignty. “The Syrian nation and its allies have presented some invaluable blood in defence of their own sovereignty; thereby, we ask Turkey to leave Syria immediately.”

He would conclude by criticizing several Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, for their policies against Iran.

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