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West in fresh war on Russia via Ukraine: Analyst


The Western governments have started a new push against their rival Russia by hiring fascist forces in Ukraine, following the World War II model, an analyst says.

In a column for the Press TV website, Finian Cunningham said the Western governments are paying a “fascist regime in Kiev” to kill “pro-Russian citizens.”

“The Western powers are indeed at it again. They are once again backing fascist forces as a way of attacking a perceived geopolitical rival to their global hegemony – Russia led by Vladimir Putin,” he wrote.

Cunningham said the ongoing crisis in Ukraine shows that the WWII did not end 69 years ago and that “it was merely put on pause.”

“The Second World War did not end. It is still smoldering. Different proxies, but the same powers and same capitalist hegemony at work,” he wrote

“The same capitalist forces behind that war are today reactivating their historic hostility towards Russia – just as the Anglo-American ruling class did during the 1930s via their proxies of European fascism,” wrote the analyst.

“Fascists in Ukraine are just par for the hegemonic course, as far as the Anglo-American capitalist empire is concerned.” wrote the analyst.

The acting government in Kiev launched a military operation in mid-April in a bid to root out the pro-Russia demonstrations after protesters occupied government buildings in over a dozen eastern and southern cities.

More than 100 people have been killed over the past week in the intensified crackdown by the Kiev government on the flashpoint city of Slavyansk as well as Odessa and Mariupol.

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