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West labels inhuman ISIL as Sunnis to divide Iraq: Analyst


Mainstream media in the Western countries label Takfiri militants fighting in Iraq as Sunnis in an attempt to cause division among Muslim sects, an analyst writes for Press TV.

In an article for the Press TV website, Kevin Barrett was analyzing the Western media’s reference to the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) as “Sunni jihadists.”

“The corporate media is intentionally misreporting the situation. The extreme-Zionist neoconservatives launched the US invasion of Iraq in order to break up that country, and the Middle East as a whole, by inciting ethnic and sectarian strife,” Barrett wrote.

The analyst added that the Western media’s labeling of the ISIL as Sunnis is a slander against Sunni Muslims across the world.

“The ‘Sunni vs. Shia’ meme was created and spread by the Occupiers through a wave of false-flag terrorism. Perhaps the media is trumpeting that meme in order to propagate it,” he wrote.

Barrett said Sunnis should not hesitate to “reject this mischaracterization of their religion,” adding, “Perhaps Sunni Muslims should file a class action lawsuit against the media outlets that are spreading this calumny.”

Barrett stated that the ISIL Takfiri militants practice an “extreme version of the Salafi-Wahhabi school of thought.”

“The extreme Salafi-Wahhabis, including the ultra-extreme ISIL, have broken with mainstream Islam as it has existed for fourteen centuries,” he wrote.
Iraqi forces continue the battle against the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group. The terrorists are advancing in Iraq, threatening to take their acts of violence to several Iraqi cities, including the capital, Baghdad.

On June 15, Sheikh Naim Qassem, the deputy secretary general of Hezbollah said the United States and its regional and international partners have brought Takfiri terrorists to the region to fight the Syrian government and then allowed them to gain power in Iraq.

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