What traits in Martyr Fakhrizadeh intimidated the enemy?

In a message, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution both expressed his congratulations and condolences on the martyrdom of Martyr Mohsen Fakhrizadeh who was a scientist fighting in the nuclear and defensive area. In the message, His Eminence mentioned: “That unique scientific personality laid down his dear and precious life in the way of God and because of his great and eternal scientific endeavors. Therefore, the reward bestowed on him by God was the lofty position of martyrdom. KHAMENEI.IR has conducted an interview with Hujjat-ul Islam Wal Muslimeen Abdul-Hussein Khosropanah, a seminarian professor and the director of the research center “Iranian Wisdom and Philosophy” in order to highlight the late Fakhrizadeh’s characteristics.

Interviewer: Considering your acquaintance with Martyr Fakhrizadeh, please tell us about his personal traits.

Hujjat-ul Islam Wal Muslimeen Khosropanah: Hajj Mohsen Fakhrizadeh’s personality was so important that the Zionists and the MEK devised so many schemes and plans to assassinate him and they finally succeeded. He was very important to the enemy as they had hatched many plots to assassinate him but they had failed. However, this time, they launched an attack with the help of a terrorist group and they managed to martyr him. The enemy was after assassinating him for many years. Without a doubt, they had been planning it for 10 years. The recent assassination was the result of a careful study as they managed to watch his coming and going in such an exact and thorough manner and with the help of infiltrating agents.

But what were Martyr Fakhrizadeh’s characteristics and what was the enemies’ viewpoint about the martyr that made them dedicate such resources to martyring him? My response is that Dr. Fakhrizadeh was a comprehensive personality who in particular enjoyed three main characteristics. First, he was a nuclear scientist. His field of study was nuclear physics and he had mastered it. Notice that some people are knowledgeable and they are specialists in nuclear physics, but they do not have a deep understanding of it. However, due to his knowledge and viewpoints on the philosophy of science and thanks to the relation that he had established between quantum mechanics physics and Islamic philosophy and because of his passion for divine philosophy, he had a deep understanding about nuclear physics.

His second quality was his morality, mystic spirit and ethical beliefs. Martyr Fakhrizadeh’s outlook on the universe and on humanity was really based on a monotheistic outlook: he was a spiritual personality who was passionate for piety, dhikr and mystic principles. Normally, one of the characteristics of those who have the blessing to be martyred is that they are interested in spiritual and divine matters.

Hajj Mohsen’s third characteristic was his top managerial skills: he could bring together different scientific teams to achieve a particular result. He was one of the main managers of various nuclear teams. Well, there are various teams for nuclear activities. In the area of our missiles and also in the area of producing Corona test kits and vaccine – throughout the past year – it was his management capability that brought together various teams and that helped produce results. In my opinion, the combination of these three qualities made him a unique personality who deserves due attention.

As for my meetings with him, I should tell you that when I was the director of the Iranian Wisdom and Philosophy Association, Martyr Fakhrizadeh, known with his alias “Mohseni”, came to me and said: “We hold philosophy and physics sessions and we wish you to participate in them. I said to him that one of my areas of interest in the association “The Iranian Wisdom and Philosophy” was merging philosophy with physics, biology and human sciences – such as management, economics, political studies and art. In other words, I was interested in three areas: philosophy and natural sciences, philosophy and humanities, and philosophy and art. Therefore, we held many sessions in that research center. On the issue of the philosophy of physics, he was a source of inspiration and he always attended the sessions in a punctual and serious way. He would study the subject at hand and he would prepare PowerPoints.

It is interesting to know that we used to invite a number of experts on philosophy of science who did not at all believe in Islamic and religious humanities and who did not accept the connection between Islamic philosophy and other sciences and they would participate in our sessions. In front of all these experts, Martyr Fakhrizadeh would present his PowerPoints, show the translated English texts, read the sentences, explain other philosophers’ viewpoints, draw on Islamic philosophy teachings and express his own opinions. He would answer the questions raised by others with complete patience. He was really a man of patience and manners and he would come to the Iranian Wisdom and Philosophy Association to participate in our sessions. This happened from the year 1392 to the year 1395. He was really more diligent than other participants as he would study the subject in a careful manner and he would actively take part in the debates.

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