Who assassinated the voice of Allama al-Bouti has assassinated the voice of peace

514dc0227a41dIn an Official and popular presence, the funeral of the bodies of the two martyrs Allama Dr. Mohammed Said Ramadan al-Bouti and his grandson has begun in the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, accompanied by the representative of President Bashar al-Assad, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Sattar al-Sayyed, Minister of Endowments.
Media Minister, Imran Zoubi has said during the funeral: “Allama al-Bouti is a man cannot be compensated and there is no instance of him in every senses and standards.”
The Zoubi has indicated in reporters’ statements during the funeral of martyr al-Bouti and his grandson that the assassination of Allama al-Bouti and a number of worshipers in al-Iman Mosque “are added to the criminal and brutal immoral balance of terrorists”, pointing to it on the other hand, “are added to the balance of Allama al-Bouti and the Syrian people pride of martyrdom”.
Zoubi felt that: “The real answer to the crime is that Syrian people have to stuck to national dialogue and love each other to defend Syria.”
And in his turn the Mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun has appealed to the Muslim world and the Arab world and Arab summit to be held this week, to save Syria from a war that has been launched by the world.
Mufti Hassoun has confirmed in his speech during the funeral of the martyr great Allama Muhammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti, that if Syria fell everyone would fall, and if Syria fell in the clutches of the World War, the Arab and Islamic worlds would fall, and there will be nor Arab summit neither value then, appealing to everyone that has held the weapon to deliver it and return to his homeland and his family, after the truth has been revealed.
Mufti Hassoun has said: “Who has assassinated this voice, the voice of our martyr sheikh, has assassinated voice of heaven, faith and peace, adding that those who doubt the truth of what happened intend to keep the war burning and the killing raged.
And in his turn, Mohammad Tawfik al-Bouti, the son of Allama al-Bouti, the martyr is to stay on the covenant of the message that devoted his life for, and thanked all the mourners singled out President Bashar al-Assad in thank, who called him personally, and cabled him offering condolences.
For his part, Bishop Luke Khoury has said: “Syria will never fall and its flag will remain held high”, assuring that they killed Allama al-Bouti because he knows the word of right that is not known elsewhere, and because he called for the unification of Muslims and Christians on the holy land of Syria.
Bishop Luke addressed his Speach to U.S. President Barack Obama: “The blood of the martyr al-Bouti is stronger than Israel and America, and we will stay stronger with our faith and our love for our nation.”
On his part, the supervisor of the Islamic conquest in Damascus Sheikh Husam al-din farfour has said during the funeral: “We’re witnessing that the late Allama sheikh al-Bouti has lived for the message of Islam and reform and has died for it, so congratulations for martyrdom”.
The adviser of the commander of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Sheikh Mohammad Ali Taskhiri has pointed out that “Allama al-Bouti has identified Islam as an average religion that leads the world, and his assassination will not kill the spirit of resistance in us”.

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