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Withdrawal of US troops to increase Iraq security, stability: Badr official

Head of Badr parliamentary bloc Hassan Shaker al-Kaabi called for the immediate withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq to help retain the country’s peace and stability.

In an interview with Arabic-language Almaalomah news agency on Thursday, al-Kaabi stressed that the real stability in Iraq begins with a complete exit of all foreign forces.

“The exit of foreign forces, including the US, will enhance the stability of Iraq and give a clearer idea to the Iraqis about the terrorist cells and organizations, including the ISIL, that are trying to undermine its security and stability,” he said.

The Badr official added, “As long as the foreign forces with their violations and national sovereignty are present in the country, no stability will be achieved, especially as some those foreign troops are involved casting financial, arms and logistical support to the terrorist groups.”

Based on a recent agreement between Baghdad and Washington, the US has affirmed its commitment to the withdrawal its troops from the Arab country.

Iraq’s Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi said last week the US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue by video conference discussed the future of the presence of American forces, and recognized the Iraqi parliament’s decision on the pullout of foreign troops from the country.

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