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World needs peace as Nowruz marks beginning of spring, renewal of nature

Nowruz is around once again, and we are only happy to see everyone happy around. We call upon Allah and his divine celestial realm, the angelic beings, the planetary guides and protectors, and the ascended ones to bless humankind and to be present here with us. We call upon the divine light of the Almighty Allah to shine in the places that need healing and to guide our way.

On our most special day of the year, let us pray for peace. We think of peace, but for there is none. We wish for, and we admire, it, for we have called, for so many times, but nature’s only answer has been silence. Not that we have not aspired for, but it is lost. It is lost in lost times, perhaps somewhere in history, way before ancient times. At the time, the first man who, having fenced himself in a piece of land, said “This is mine,” and found others naive enough to believe him.

The millennia passed since human beings founded the very first civil society; technological developments and modernity, however, degenerated humanity in its pure essence. That tender spirit was then exposed to, and contaminated with, competition, jealousy, and self-interest. Homo economicus man indoctrinated capitalism, a rotten system of greed, exploitation, and social injustice, and egocentrism set the scene for imperialism, which, in turn, paved the way for war, slavery, and oppression.

Yet, we were not left alone in our hopes or our fears. Our guides and protectors taught us to virtue dignity over life. Thus, naivety gave way to resistance. We fought for freedom, for victory. But not just to become victorious, but for humanity and for the love of that exalted soul. We are happy, and we wish you all, my sisters and brothers, happiness, also victory and peace. But such moments are rare; and even they are not, as is commonly thought, brief like a heartbeat, but come rather like a medicine, in recurring doses, the taste diluted by time. Resistance has come a long way, and it is growing stronger every day. Nowruz, for many of us indeed, will be the day Palestine, Yemen, and all other communities under the oppression of the global arrogance celebrate peace as free nations.

Mehrdad Torabi is an international relations expert from the University of Bologna, Italy, He is a writer of political commentaries and analyses.

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