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Yemen Hezbollah Strikes Zionist Saud’s Airports Anew

Yemeni forces struck Abha and Jizan regional airports with drones once agains, Yemeni media reported late Tuesday.

Al-Massirah quoted Yemeni armed forces spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Saree as saying that Qasif K2 drones carried out wide-scale operations, hitting the warplanes’ runways and other military targets there.

The airports are out of service following the strike, Saree said, stressing that the drones accurately hit their targets.

“Targeting Abha and Jizan airports is retaliation for the continuous crimes committed by Saudi-led coalition against our people,” the spokesman noted.

He reiterated meanwhile a call for Saudi civilians to keep away from Saudi military targets, stressing that such sites are “no longer secure”.

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