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Yemen warns Dubai Expo in crosshairs if Saudi-led war continues

The Yemeni armed forces' spokesman has warned that with the United Arab Emirates' involvement in the devastating Saudi-led war going on, the Emirates' popular Expo 2020 might be the next target amid the wave of Yemeni retaliatory attacks against the Persian Gulf country.

In a Tuesday Twitter post, which incorporated #expo as its only hashtag, Brigadier General Yahya Saree wrote, “With us, you might suffer damages…we advise you to change your destination.”

Observers have widely interpreted the post as a warning message addressed to both Abu Dhabi and the foreign participants in the UAE-based event.

In an earlier post, he had likewise cautioned foreign investors against setting up businesses in the UAE given the most recent “atrocities of the Saudi-American-Emirati” coalition, which has been waging a war on Yemen since 2015.

Enjoying complete arms, logistical, and political backing from the United States, Saudi Arabia led many of its allies, chief among them the UAE, in the years-long invasion. The war has been seeking to change Yemen’s ruling structure in favor of its former Riyadh-friendly officials.

The military campaign has killed tens of thousands of Yemenis and turned the entire Yemen into the scene of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

The Yemeni forces that feature the country’s army and its allied fighters from the Popular Committees have, however, vowed not to lay down their arms until the country’s complete liberation from the scourge of the Saudi invasion.

Most recently, the joint forces carried out two operations codenamed the “Yemen Storm 1” and “Yemen Storm 2,” which saw them striking targets deep inside Dubai and Abu Dhabi over the past week.

A few days after the first retaliatory operation, the Emirates grounded most private drones and light sports aircraft.

The Emirati Interior Ministry, though, did not link the measure to the Yemeni retaliation, only claiming that the decision had come after finding “misuse of permits granted to those who practice these sports.”

Yemen’s popular Ansarullah resistance movement has similarly warned Abu Dhabi and foreign investors that the Yemeni armed forces’ weapons were trained on sensitive spots within the Emirates.

Ansarullah information center earlier said, “The world’s tallest tower (Burj Khalifa) is no longer safe…the Emirates’ sensitive facilities are in danger. Your investments are in danger. The Emirati economy is on the verge of breakdown.”

‘Invaders not safe from Yemen’s drones’

Also on Tuesday, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Yemeni army, Major General Ali Hamoud al-Mushaki cited the “Yemen Storm 1 & 2” operations as a sign of growth in Yemen’s deterrence power.

“We have a database featuring [information about] the invaders’ sensitive targets,” the official said.

The recent attacks showed that Yemen is in possession of weapons with pinpoint accuracy and drones that can reach deep inside the invading countries and their supporters, he noted.

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