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Yemeni children release statement against UN

A group of Yemeni children released a statement to slam the UN’s biased stance against them.

The Yemeni children, while condemning the United Nations’ support for the Saudi coalition, stressed that the organization has effectively made itself their enemy through its biased actions, Al-Masirah reported.

In this statement, the Yemeni children condemned the UN’s interest in the financial resource of the Arab Persian Gulf countries as well as its support for their oppressing behaviors.

“We condemn the UN’s submission to the pressures of arrogant countries,” it added.

The Yemeni children continued: “We emphasize that the United Nations has made itself the enemy of the Yemeni children and that all the UN-affiliated institutions are involved in all the crimes committed against us in the shadow of their silence.”

“We children know for sure who the killer is and he is trying to fight us and kill us and surround us and keep us hungry. Secretary-General of the United Nations! You are the main partner and one of the most important role-players who have imposed such sufferings on us.”

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