Yemeni Forces Shoot Down a Saudi Spy Drone in Ta’izz

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Yemeni Forces have shot down a Saudi Spy Drone flying over the southwestern province of Ta’izz. The image (above) taken on December 28, 2015 shows the Saudi Spy Drone that was shot down. According to local media reports, the unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down by Yemeni Forces backed by fighters from the Popular Committees in the area of Jahmaliyeh.

The high-tech spy drone was used to gather intelligence on troop arrangements as well as other military purposes, Yemen’s Al-Masirah TV quoted a Yemeni army source as saying.

Yemeni forces have targeted several Saudi drones over Yemen since the start of the northern neighbors aggression. The following video footage, aired by the AlAlam TV channel, shows images of the downed Saudi Spy Drone, as well as various images of the attacks led by the Yemeni Forces and Ansarullah Movement against the Saudi-led coalition.

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