Yemeni Hezbollah on the brink of capturing strategic city in southern Yemen

Over the weekend, the Houthi forces began an important offensive to capture the strategic city of Qa’tbah, which is the provincial capital of the Dhale province.

The Houthi forces began their assault on Sunday when their troops stormed the northern part of the city in a bid to overwhelm the UAE-backed forces defending Qa’tbah.

Shortly after launching the attack, the Houthi forces were able to enter Qa’tbah and take control of several neighborhoods in the northern sector of this city in the Dhale province.

On Monday, the Houthi forces were able to further advance inside of Qa’tbah, reaching the city center after forcing the UAE-backed troops to retreat south.

The Houthi forces are now on the brink of capturing Qa’tbah for the second time in two months. They previously captured it but were later expelled after a swift counter-offensive from the UAE-backed troops.

For the Houthi forces, the capture of Qa’tbah will alleviate a lot of pressure on their troops in the western and central parts of Yemen; it will also give them a strong presence inside the southern part of the country.

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