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Yemeni Snipers Send 15 Invader Saudi Soldiers, Mercenaries to Hell in Jizan

Yemeni snipers gunned down 15 Saudi soldiers and mercenaries in the kingdom’s southwestern border region of Jizan in retaliation for the Riyadh regime’s deadly attacks against the impoverished Arab country.

Five Saudi soldiers and 10 mercenaries were killed by Yemeni snipers across Jizan, Yemen’s official Saba news agency reported on Tuesday.

The army’s sniper unit, supported by fighters from allied Popular Committees, have over the past few days inflicted heavy losses on the Saudis in the Jizan front.

Yemen’s defenseless people have been under massive attacks by the coalition for over three years but Riyadh has reached none of its objectives in Yemen so far.

Since March 2015, Saudi Arabia and some of its Arab allies have been carrying out deadly airstrikes against the Houthi Ansarullah movement in an attempt to restore power to fugitive former president Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi.

Over 15,000 Yemenis, including thousands of women and children, have lost their lives in the deadly military campaign.

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