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Yemen’s Ansarallah forces express readiness to participate in Iranian response over US interception of airliner

Yemen’s Ansarallah Movement issued a statement expressing its readiness to participate in any Iranian response to the U.S. interception of the Iranian airliner over Syrian airspace last week, which resulted in the injury of a number of passengers on the flight from Tehran to Beirut.

In a statement published by the Iranian state-owned Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), the Anasrallah political office slammed the U.S. interception of the Mahar Air flight, stating that “the ongoing persistence of violating Syrian sovereignty is an aggressive approach and barbaric behavior of a criminal regime that transcends all international norms and laws.”

The political office added: “The United States’ interception of the Iranian civilian passenger plane in  Syrian airspace with its warplanes is a blatant attack and violated the international agreements in air navigation and a terrorist practice from America and its ally, Israel.”

Official media in Iran had said that at least one American fighter had dangerously approached an Iranian passenger plane in Syrian airspace, and the Iranian mission at the United Nations announced that it would submit a protest letter to the U.N. Security Council after the threat and exposure of an Iranian civilian airliner by an American fighter in Syrian airspace, while the United States acknowledged that one of its fighters approached the Iranian plane, but confirmed that it was “at a safe distance.”

Since the start of the start of the Yemeni Civil War, Iran has become the closest ally to the Ansarallah movement, which is headquartered in the capital city of Sana’a.

The Anasrallah forces (Houthis) have managed to capture a great deal of territory in Yemen, including, at one point, the strategic port-city of Aden, which was later retaken by the government-aligned Yemeni Armed Forces.

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