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‘Zionism fears truthful voice of Iranian Media: James Fetzer


An analyst says that the Zionists are afraid of the truth being told by Press TV and other Iranian channels, so they are desperately trying to silence them in order to keep spreading lies to the world.

The comments come as reports indicate that the Franco-Israeli head of Eutelsat, Michel de Rosen, has begun a new wave of attacks against Iranian TV channels. In a letter to Asian and European satellite companies, de Rosen has threatened the companies to drop Iranian entertainment and news channels. In the letter obtained by Press TV, the Franco-Israeli Eutelsat chief has warned satellite companies to remove Iranian channels or prepare to face the consequences of defying his order. He stated the sanctions imposed by the European Union (EU) and the United States against the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) chief, Ezzatollah Zarqami, as the reason for the push to stop broadcasting Iranian channels.

Press TV has conducted an interview with James Fetzer, American philosopher from Madison to shed more light on the topic of the program. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Now it is quite clear that there is a concerted effort to bring Iranian channels off the air from European and Asian airwaves.

Where is that rhetoric of freedom of speech and freedom of expression that the Western countries claim to adhere to?

Fetzer: Well, this is actually in my opinion a declaration of war by Israel, by the Zionist faction that is dominating in here, against not really just free speech but truth.

There is nothing that tyrants and liars and cheats fear more than truth. In my opinion there is more truth from Press TV than you can find on New York Times because too many issues are censored.

I recently participated in the Hollywoodism conference held in Tehran and when you bring together 50 intellectuals from around the world to address these issues, we sort things out and discover the predominance of Jewish producers in Hollywood who are often putting up propaganda and when you attempt to bring about a secession of communication, it is a prelude to war.

What we need in the world, if we are going to advance the cause of peace and mutual understanding, is more conversation, more discussion, more exchange of point of view.

So I regard this as a completely despicable act. I believe that it is a violation of international law, if not, technically it should be treated as [nothing but] war and I believe that Iran should take this issue before the United Nations.

Press TV: Indeed there is a war of perceptions that is being fought right now over what is presented to be truth or facts, but considering that as you mentioned it is the truth that they are afraid of, how far can they go with this agenda considering that we are in the age of Internet where an average viewer can check things out through the Internet by typing in Google; they are waking up to the reality of these double standards or are they not?

Well, I think that it is true but more and more I think that the Zionists are perceiving the threat from the scholars and academicians looking at serious issues like the Holocaust and recognizing that it appears not to be at all what it has been presented but rather appears to be more propaganda than truth, more fiction than reality.

You know, there are so many dimensions to this, that if we can crack through the disinformation being spread by the Zionists’ influence it will have an emancipating effect on the entire world. – See more at:

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