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zionist Al Khalifa regime committing ethnic genocide: Redwan Rizk


Press TV has conducted an interview with Redwan Rizk, a political analyst, about a recent Human Rights Watch report about the brutal crackdown by the Bahraini regime on anti-regime protests in the Persian Gulf country.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Mr. Rizk, I referred to the story we had earlier, the headline story for us, Human Rights Watch saying that Bahraini security forces are using disproportionate amounts of tear gas in their crackdown on anti-regime protests and we are seeing the purchase of teargas canisters in very large amounts.

Why do you think Bahrainis would need this kind of equipment and to so large extent?

Rizk: Well, what is going [on] in Bahrain that the world is not realizing [is] that it is an ethnic genocide happening there and the whole world is turning a blind eye on that because as you know ninety percent of the original Bahraini group or people are daily exposed to tear gas canisters in the major areas, which is leading the protests against this regime, this family of Al Khalifa.

As you know, tear gas canisters are considered, or tear gas itself is considered as a chemical weapon and until now no research shows exactly the effect or the side effect on human body because never in history people [were] exposed to that amount of tear gas or quantity of tear gas and … for the days; it has been going on now for almost a thousand days on a daily basis.

Some of the research or medical research shows that being exposed for human body [to] tear gas can damage your organs, your eyes; you might lose your sight and kidney failure and affects the livers and leads to cancer.

So this is an ethnic genocide. The Al Khalifa is acting or just implementing that, complying that this canister gas might lead to a massacre … among the Bahraini people and many of them might die naturally due to their exposures to tear gas and that might lead to elimination of a whole part of the Bahraini people, so then the Al Khalifa can feel at ease that they have got rid of many of the original Bahrainis without executing or without killing directly.

They are killing slowly most of the Bahraini people without being accused of killing, of murdering the Bahraini people.

So, most of the human rights organizations must realize that this a general massacre against a whole country, against people of itself that the Bahraini government is just doing this for its own purpose intentionally.

They know that this will lead to many health damages and that might lead to thousands and tens of thousands might die the next decade out of natural causes but that would be the consequences of the explosions of tear gas.

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