Zionist attacks on Gaza leave 174 martyred, incl. 47 children

More than 170 Palestinians, including at least 47 children, have been martyred in the Gaza Strip in the past week.

As of Sunday morning, 174 Palestinians, including 47 children and 29 women have been martyred and 1200 have been wounded since hostilities flared up last Monday.

According to the report, at least 23 people were killed and more than 50 were injured during last night’s attacks by Israeli fighters until this morning, and the number of victims is expected to increase due to the continuation of Zionist attacks.

In the occupied West Bank, the Zionist regime’s forces have killed at least 13 Palestinians.

Zionists’ raids damage road leading to Gaza’s main hospital

According to the latest reports, the last night’s Zionist regime’s air raids damaged one of the main roads leading to the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip. 

The Zionist regime’s air raids created a crater that blocked one of the main roads leading to al-Shifa, the largest hospital in Gaza, the Associated Press news agency reported, citing residents and journalists.

The Palestinian Wafa news agency said the intensive shelling caused “massive destruction” in the Gaza Strip, including to civilian homes, and also resulted in a complete blackout in the northern Rimal neighbourhood.

10 martyred, 40 wounded in latest Zionist attacks on Gaza

 Last night’s bombing of residential areas in the Gaza Strip by Israeli fighters left at least 10 martyred and 40 wounded.

Several Palestinians killed in a fresh wave of Zionist raids on Gaza as Benjamin Netanyahu claims to continue offensive for as long as necessary.

In a televised speech late on Saturday, the Zionist regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed to continue the offensive on Gaza for “as long as necessary”, while Hamas leader Ismail Haniya said, “the resistance will not give in”.

According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, at least 10 Palestinians were killed and more than 40 were injured during the latest Zionist regimes attack on Gaza Strip and the death toll is expected to rise.

Netanyahu also claimed that the tower, which housed offices of various media groups, including Al Jazeera and The Associated Press, was being used by Palestinian groups, including Hamas, before being destroyed by the Israeli army.

He also claimed that Israel shows “special care” to avoid civilian deaths in attacks on Gaza.

Zionists target Hamas chief’s home in Gaza

In a new round of criminal attacks on the Gaza Strip, the Zionist regime’s army also targeted the home and office of a senior Hamas leader on Sunday morning.

Local media reported Sunday morning that the Zionist fighter jets and artillery were bombing several areas in the Gaza Strip.

Zionist media quoted the regime army as saying that the office of Yehya al-Sinwar, head of the Hamas political bureau in the Gaza Strip, had been targeted by airstrikes.

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip said that initial investigations indicated that one Palestinian had been killed and dozens more injured in the morning attacks by the Zionist regime on the area.

Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Gaza said the Zionist regime’s jets carried out 150 air raids across the Gaza Strip in the early hours of Sunday, including at least 60 in Gaza City alone.

“The last couple of hours the Israeli army carried out the most intensive airstrikes all over the Gaza Strip over the past seven days of escalation,” he said, adding that several people were killed in the raid.

Emergency workers are digging through the rubble in the hopes of finding survivors, he said.

The Gaza health ministry meanwhile said many Palestinians were arriving at hospitals with injuries.

Resistance launches rocket attacks on Tel Aviv 

A spokesman for al-Qassam Brigades said that they fired dozens of rockets and missiles at Tel Aviv and Zionist settlements.

On Sunday morning, the Zionist media reported that sirens went off warning of rocket attacks in Tel Aviv and Zionist settlements around Gaza as Hamas two-hour deadline expired.

Then, the spokesman for Hamas’s armed wing, the Qassam Brigades, Abu Obeida announced, “In response to the bombing of Al-Jalaa tower, we are launching a major offensive with dozens of missiles on Tel Aviv and Ashdod.”

Israeli media outlets reported that Gaza resistance groups had fired large numbers of missiles and rockets at the center of occupied Palestine, including Tel Aviv.

Areas farther from Tel Aviv were also targeted.

“Rockets fired from the Gaza Strip hit the HaSharon area north of Tel Aviv,” an Al-Jazeera correspondent reported from occupied Palestine. “Iron Dome defense systems struggle to intercept missiles, but they are too numerous.”

“The missiles fired by the al-Qassam Brigades targeted Tel Aviv, central and southern and the coasts of occupied Palestine,” the correspondent added. “From occupied southern Palestine to Herzliya, millions of Zionists have fled to shelters.”

Zionist military fatally shoots Palestinian youth in West Bank

The Zionist forces fatally shot a Palestinian youth north of Tulkarem in the West Bank just after midnight on Sunday, Palestinian news agency WAFA reported, citing the ministry of health.

At least nine people were wounded after soldiers opened live fire, and were taken to the hospital, WAFA said.

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