Zionist Circles: Hezbollah Aims at Imposing New Aerial Formula, ‘Israel’ Cannot Respond

The Zionist circles highlighted Hezbollah rocketry confrontation of the Israeli drones over Lebanon, considering that Hezbollah aims at imposing a new aerial formula on ‘Israeli’.

The Israeli circles emphasized that Hezbollah has decided to stop the movement of the Zionist warplanes and drones, or at least curb it.

The Israeli analysts considered that the occupation entity is facing a major dilemma– it can neither respond to Hezbollah, nor stop its military flights over Lebanon.

In this regard, the Zionist analysts considered that ‘Israel’ would pay a heavy price for any military response to Hezbollah, adding that any attack on Lebanon would have consequences different from those caused by an air raid on Syria.

Source: Al-Manar Eglish Website

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