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Zionist dream collapsing: Islamic Jihad official

An official from the Gaza Strip-based Islamic Jihad tells Press TV that the resistance has managed to revive support for the Palestinian cause on the international stage, adding that “the Zionist dream is collapsing.”

“We revived the Palestinian cause once again, and this cause cannot be erased from the memory of the world,” Nasser Abu-Sharif, Islamic Jihad’s representative in Tehran, told the network in an interview on Wednesday.

The Palestinian cause refers to the Palestinian nation’s uncompromising resolve to end the Israeli regime’s decades-long occupation of its homeland and aggression against the Palestinians.

As a result of the resistance’s efforts, “right now, we’re on top of the agenda of world nations,” the Palestinian official said.

Islamic Jihad and its fellow Gaza-based resistance movement of Hamas serve as the arrowhead defending the Palestinians against constant Israeli attacks on the impoverished enclave, which is also under a cruel 2007-present Israeli-imposed siege.

The regime has waged four wholesale wars against Gaza, three in the 2000s that each killed thousands of Gazans, and a 12-day one that targeted the territory earlier this month, martyring more than 250 of the territory’s residents.

The resistance movements responded by firing over 4,000 rockets towards the occupied territories, eventually forcing Tel Aviv to give in to a ceasefire on Friday.

Abu-Sharif said the resistance front delivered a “crushing response” to the latest Israeli aggression, calling this “a great victory” that had to be celebrated. “We tarnished the image of the Israeli army…. We took the fight inside the occupied territories,” he hailed.

The rockets swept the whole expanse of the occupied territories, including Tel Aviv, the holy city of al-Quds, and even Haifa and Nazareth to the north, setting off rocket sirens and prompting Israelis to creep into shelters.

‘Israelis thinking of leaving’

“What we showed during the latest confrontation was that the Israeli dream cannot be fulfilled,” Abu Sharif said.

“The Israelis are [now] thinking about leaving” the occupied territories, he said in reference to their apprehension about the resistance groups’ capabilities.

He noted that the regime shut down its biggest air terminal, the Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv’s suburbs, to both incoming and outgoing flights during the confrontation.

The measure, he said, sought “to ban Israelis from leaving.”

Palestinian resistance groups have also raised awareness across the international community about Israeli crimes. He cited racial discrimination, ethnic cleansing, mass arrests, and denial of the Palestinians’ right to return to their homeland as some of the atrocities.

‘Not only Israeli regime, but also its supporters were defeated’

“We’ve achieved great victories against not only the Zionist regime, but [also] those who support this regime,” Abu-Sharif said.

The regime has the United States as its biggest and oldest supporter. Washington gives Tel Aviv almost $4 billion in military aid each year, and protects it against whatever accountability for its brutality.

The Islamic Jihad official noted how the US approved sales of $735 million in weapons to the Israeli regime right in the middle of the latest war.

Washington also prevented the United Nations Security Council from releasing even a single statement urging Tel Aviv to stop the violence.

The victories, Abu-Sharif noted, also came by against a backdrop of other instances of unstinting American backing for the regime. He cited the so-called “deal of the century,” a plot devised by the administration of former US president Donald Trump, as one example of the support.

The scheme provided Tel Aviv with huge favors, including re-endorsement of Washington’s support for its claim to the holy occupied city of al-Quds as the regime’s “capital.” The plot also supposedly found Tel Aviv entitled to claiming the Palestinian areas, on which it has been building illegal settlements.

“Donald Trump thought in vain that they can push the Palestinian cause into oblivion using his idiot plan,” the Palestinian official said. “Such a great cause cannot be [just] ignored and swept under the rug through such plans,” he added.

Abu-Sharif, meanwhile, derided the Israeli regime’s allegations that Tel Aviv was the actual party scoring victory in the latest battle, asking, “Why should the Israeli regime claim victory?” despite all the indications proving the Palestinians’ triumph.

The Islamic Jihad official said Iran’s continued and resilient support for the Palestinian nation was a key factor contributing to the latest victory against the Israeli regime.

As its principled position, the Islamic Republic has invariably asserted that it supports the oppressed people of Palestine and their sacred cause in the face of the Israeli regime and the United States, Tel Aviv’s biggest ally.

The Palestinian resistance movements have thanked Iran for its support during the latest Israeli military aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip.

Both Hamas and the Islamic Jihad have called the Islamic Republic “a partner” in their latest triumph and written to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to communicate their gratitude.

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