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Zionist Entity Voices Concern: Hezbollah Fired Surface-to-Air Missile at ‘israeli’ Drone

Zionist media reported on Sunday that there are concerns in the Zionist entity as Hezbollah fired a surface-to-air missile at Israeli drone over southern Lebanon.

Israeli daily “Israel Hayom” said that Hezbollah’s missile fire on Thursday represents “an apparent policy shift”.

“In apparent policy shift, Hezbollah follows through on leader Hassan Nasrallah’s warning to protect Lebanese airspace, firing one missile at a small Israeli drone,” the daily’s Yoav Limor said in an article titled “Concern in the north: Hezbollah fired surface-to-air missile at Israeli drone.”

“Hezbollah’s change of policy, which it implemented last Thursday by firing a missile at an Israeli drone over southern Lebanon, obligates Israel to reassess how it uses its own force in the sector.”

The Israeli journalist said that the missile fire “was a relatively late application” of Hezbollah Secertary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s threat to protect Lebanese airspace in a speech he delivered on August 25, a day after Israeli drones carried out an aggression on the Lebanese resistance’s media office in Beirut’s southern suburb (Dahiyeh).

Israeli officials took Sayyed Nasrallah’s recent threat at face value because the Hezbollah leader wants to establish new “rules of the game” between Israel and Hezbollah, Limor said.

“Hezbollah didn’t relay what type of missile it used, although several reports – including in Israel – identified the projectile as a light-weight, shoulder-fired, surface-to-air “Strela” missile,” the article said.

“It stands to reason, however, that Hezbollah employed a more advanced missile, as Nasrallah himself hinted in a speech” on Friday (Nov.1, 2019), it added.

Limor said that Hezbollah has never used these systems before, noting that the assessment in the Zionist entity is that the resistance group is “saving them for a future war.”

“It is possible that Hezbollah has altered this policy, in an attempt to reshape the balance of deterrence” against the occupation army, the Israeli journalist added.

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