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Zionist forces fire over 20 phosphorous shells towards southern Lebanon: Al-Manar

Al-Manar TV reported on Tuesday evening, that the Israeli army had launched more than 20 phosphorous shells towards the southern border of Lebanon

The channel reported a “Zionist attack on Lebanese territory with more than 20 incendiary phosphorous shells in the vicinity of the road between the towns of Mays al-Jabal and Hula and the surrounding of the town of Aitaroun and the hills of Kafr Shuba,” and said that a fire broke out near the border with Israel.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army announced a “security incident on the Israeli-Lebanese border,” adding that “some roads were closed.”

They issued subsequent instructions to residents of several border towns stipulating that any activity in the open area, including agricultural work, be prohibited, stressing that residents must stay at home.

Israeli media indicated that the incident occurred while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was on a trip to a hotel in the north, which is not far from the tension zone.

The Israeli-Lebanese border area is witnessing significant tension after the killing of the Hezbollah officer, Ali Kamel Mohsen, during an Israeli raid on July 20, which targeted a military site near Damascus International Airport in Syria.

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