Zionist Israel classifies Hamas parliamentary bloc as banned group

The international Tadamun (solidarity) society for human rights said the Israeli occupation authority issued lately a military decision classifying Hamas lawmakers in the West Bank as a banned group.

Spokesman for the society Ahmed Al-Beitawi stated that commander of the Israeli army Avi Mizrahi issued a military order based on the emergency regulations of 1945 classifying the Islamic parliamentary bloc, the Islamist lawmakers and their offices as one banned organization.

According to this decision, Beitawi says, the Israeli occupation regime gave itself the right to storm the offices of Hamas lawmakers in the West Bank, confiscate their contents, close them and arrest all lawmakers and their employees.

The spokesman noted that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnapped a number of employees working for lawmakers during the past few months and sentenced them to different years in prison.

The spokesman demanded the Arab parliamentary union and the world’s parliaments to necessarily pressure Israel to stop its violations against the elected Palestinian lawmakers and to end its restrictions on their movement and parliamentary work.

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