zionist israel imposes a 3 day blockade on a village in the West Bank


Israeli forces have imposed a military siege on the village of An Nabi Saleh near the West Bank village of Ramallah for the third consecutive day, blocking all main entrances to the village and attacking anyone who attempts to enter or leave.Dozens of military jeeps have surrounded the village after declaring it a ‘military closed zone.’
A resident of an Nabi Saleh Noal Tamimi explained that many villagers have to take alternative dangerous routes out and when they do they are faced by Israeli forces’s gas and rubber bullets attacks.Noal further spoke of the hardship in taking her daughter to school. The attacks by Israeli forces come three days after the residents held a weekly protest against the Israeli settlement happening nearby. Forces arrested two Palestinian women and three foreign journalists and injured dozens of others. The Israeli army has blocked all entrances to Nabi Saleh, restricting access to the area. Residents say Israeli soldiers also carry out daily arrests and attacks using sound bombs, rubber bullets and tear gas.

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