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zionist israel prevents supplying tents to Palestinians in demolished village

Israel prevents supplying tents to Palestinians in demolished villageThe International Red Cross has stopped providing tents for Palestinian residents whose houses were demolished by the Israeli regime in the occupied Jordan Valley.
The decision came after the regime troops also tore down the tents and prevented the organization from taking the tents into villages in the area as part of a humanitarian aid supply, Ynetnews reported on Wednesday.

The Israeli regime claims that the Palestinian houses, built without permits, were destroyed several months ago by the troops, in line with a court ruling.
In January, Israeli bulldozers backed by military jeeps entered the village of Makhool in Jordan Valley and evacuated the residents before destroying the village.
The Israeli soldiers further seized two tents and confiscated all materials that had been provided to them by European Humanitarian aid agencies.
Matthias Behnke, the head of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights office in the Palestinian territories says the Israeli legal process allowing home demolitions and supporting the occupation of the West Bank.
“This is under Israeli law, which is adapted to allow for these proceedings,” Behnke says, “Which we find problematic when you compare it to international law.”
Demolitions are commonplace in the Jordan Valley as Tel Aviv’s policy of settlement expansion is escalating in the area.
Palestinians have called upon international bodies to pressurize Israel into halting the arbitrary demolitions, saying the regime is attempting to judaize the area.

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