Zionist Israel strikes Gaza after rockets target ‘center’ of occupied territories

The Israeli military has attacked the Gaza Strip after rockets from the Tel Aviv-blockaded Palestinian territory targeted the “central” and “southern” parts of the occupied territories.

The Israeli strikes were carried out against infrastructure and positions belonging to the Gaza-based resistance movement of Hamas, Israeli paper The Jerusalem Post reported on Sunday, citing the military.

The aggression followed several rocket launches from the enclave that set off incoming fire sirens in the coastal town of Ashdod in the occupied territories, the daily said.

‘Rockets intercepted over Tel Aviv’

Alleged footage, however, also showed the regime’s missile systems intercepting rockets “over the Yad Eliyahu neighborhood in Tel Aviv,” the occupying entity’s economic hub and most densely-populated center.

Projectiles were also intercepted over the city of Holon and sirens went off in Kibbutz Palmachim, both located at the heart of the occupied territories.

The incidents came as the Israeli military has been put on high alert following the first anniversary of the regime’s assassination of Baha Abu al-Ata, a senior commander of the Islamic Jihad movement, another Gaza-headquartered resistance group.

The 42-year-old and his wife were killed in an Israeli aerial assault on his Gaza home on November 12 last year.

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