Zionist Israeli navy kidnaps four Gazan fishermen

The Israeli navy on Monday kidnapped four Palestinian fishermen from one family off the coast of Gaza city and took them to Ashdod port.

Dean of Palestinian fishermen Nizar Ayyash told Quds Press as saying that Israeli gunboats intercepted a Palestinian fishing boat near the coast of Gaza city boarded by four fishermen from Bakr family and took them in chain to Ashdod port.

Ayyash condemned Israel’s persistent violations against the Palestinian fishermen, noting that its naval forces killed about one week ago a fisherman and wounded another as they were fishing in Gaza waters.

Israel started to tighten its restrictions on fishermen’s movement at Gaza sea in 2000 and gradually banned them from sailing more than three nautical miles off the coast of Gaza instead of 20 miles as stipulated by its Oslo agreement with the Palestinian authority.

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