Zionist media: Security Escalation on Lebanon Border Hints at Hezbollah Plan to Invade Galilee

The Israeli media followed up thoroughly the security developments on Lebanon’s border after the occupation army detected Friday night three holes in the technical fence off Al-Motella, Avivim and Yiftah settlements.

Maariv newspaper considered that what happened hints at Hezbollah plan to invade Galilee with thousands of troops, adding if the party manages carry out this mission, it will be a black point in Israel’s history.

Specialist in military affairs, Roi Sharon, said that Hezbollah groups managed to reach and fragment the technical fence which is full of protection and detection devices, considering that it is an accurate mission execution based on precise intelligence data.

The military analyst Alon bin David considered that Hezbollah wanted to send a harsh message to ‘Israel’ that it can send thousands of fighters to Galilee settlements, describing the border development as a major blow to the entity.

General Kobe Marom said that it is an ongoing phantom war between ‘Israeli’ and Hezbollah, stressing that Hezbollah just responded to the Israeli attack on a car on Lebanon-Syria border.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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