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Zionist Occupation’s ‘Gesture of Good Will’ Turned down: It’s Our Land!

“The zionist military opens border to Lebanon’s olive harvesters,” Israeli media reports, quoting a representative from the occupation military.

“In light of the economic situation in Lebanon, and as a gesture of goodwill to the Lebanese people, the (Israeli military) opened the border to agricultural workers from Al Jabal, Itaron and Balida,” Israeli occupation military’s Arabic media spokesperson, Avichay Adraee, said.

For an instant, a reader may think “how kind” the Israeli regime is to “open” its so-called border to the Lebanese harvesters, especially during the dire economic crisis Lebanon is passing through.

However, it is important to note here that this territory which has been “opened” for the Lebanese people is simply theirs, and that the heroes of Lebanon yearly defy the Israeli enemy and harvest their olive crop inside the territory which was bitten by the Blue Line.

“Residents of Blida, Mais Al-Jabal and Aytaroun don’t wait a permission from the Zionists to harvest their olive trees. The Blue Line has bitten some of their farms. Yearly, they defy the enemy and harvest olive,” Al-Manar reporter Ali Shoeib wrote on his Twitter account on Monday, referring to the same area mentioned by the Israeli spokesman.

“The Zionists pretend sympathy with Lebanese people through ‘allowing’ the Lebanese harvesters to enter a land which is already outside the (technical) fence,” Shoeib added.

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