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zionist puppet Harper at it again: Brandon Martinez


To state the obvious, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s recent four-day visit to Israel is a shame and disgrace for all Canadians. A headline in Monday’s Toronto Star read, “PM gets hero’s welcome in Israel.” Another article carried the title: “Harper shows you don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist.”

Using taxpayers’ money, Harper and his cohorts are traipsing around what was formerly Palestine, observing the results of the gigantic land theft/ethnic cleansing project known as “Israel.” This is just one more in a long list of public displays of fawning servitude to the Zionist entity.

In countless speeches, Harper and his foreign minister John Baird have pledged their unwavering loyalty to the rogue regime in Tel Aviv. They have made it irrevocably clear that the Conservative regime occupying Ottawa is at the complete service of Zionism and its expansionist, militarist agenda.

Harper has quite openly subordinated the interests of Canada and its people to that of Israel. No better example of that was the Harper regime’s reluctance to condemn Israel for the deliberate slaying of a Canadian UN peacekeeping soldier who was killed in Lebanon during Israel’s 2006 invasion of that country.

The Canadian soldier, Major Paeta Hess-von Kruedener, was stationed at a UN base near Lebanon’s border with Israel when his installation was deliberately targeted by an onslaught of Israeli artillery shells. Surviving the initial attacks, von Kruedener and his UN companions were finally done in by a precision-guided Israeli missile strike that penetrated the underground bunker where they had taken refuge.
The Ottawa Citizen reported Canada’s Defense Department had removed from the Internet a 67-page document that contained the results of an official Canadian military inquiry into the killing of von Kruedener. David Pugliese of the Citizen explained: “The Defence Department has quietly removed from the Internet a report into the killing of a Canadian military officer by Israeli forces, a move the soldier’s widow says is linked to the Conservative government’s reluctance to criticize Israel for any wrongdoing.”

“[The Canadian government] don’t want people reading about it,” said the widow of the slain Canadian soldier. “It’s embarrassing to the Israelis and, as we know, Prime Minister (Stephen) Harper has given his unconditional support to the Israelis.”

This disdainful attempt to hide the truth from the Canadian public was initiated at the behest of Harper, who evidently has no concern for the lives of his own soldiers. If anyone else had killed a Canadian soldier in the manner in which Israel murdered Kruedener, Harper would have resolutely condemned it as an act of terrorism. But Israel gets “special” treatment, and is never called to account for its criminal actions by the veritable Israeli stooges who occupy the highest posts in the governments of the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany and other Western countries.

The United States got its own taste of Israeli terrorism when in 1967 Israel deliberately attacked a US surveillance ship called the USS Liberty. The Israelis pummeled the Liberty from the air and sea, blasting holes in the ship’s hull with torpedoes and gunning down dozens of its crew with machine gun fire from Israeli fighter jets. In total 34 American sailors were killed and 171 others were wounded. The US government responded to this act of war by ordering the American survivors of the Liberty attack to keep their mouths shut about the incident.

If anyone else had done what the Israelis did to the Liberty, the US would have obliterated them. Hell, everyone who knows anything about US foreign policy knows that the US doesn’t even require someone to attack them in order to embark on a bombing campaign or an invasion. Just ask the Iraqis or the Vietnamese. But Israel can attack and kill American servicemen and get away with it scot-free. Now that’s power.

Back to Harper — many are confused by the fact that the Harper Conservatives give millions of dollars in “aid” to the Palestinians. As Yves Engler pointed out in an article for The Palestine Chronicle, that “aid” is designed to subdue Palestinian resistance and strengthen the position of the Israeli occupation. Engler notes that most of the Canadian aid money goes to propping up the corrupted, collaborationist Palestinian Authority, as well as to the building up of a Palestinian security force overseen by a US general which was established as a counterweight to keep Hamas at bay in the West Bank.

“A recently uncovered government document,” explains Engler, “confirms that Ottawa has delivered millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinian Authority in a bid to advance Israel’s interests. The internal memorandum also sheds light on Canada’s efforts to build a security apparatus to protect the Palestinian Authority from popular disgust over its compliance in the face of ongoing Israeli settlement building.”

“The Israelis supported [American General Keith] Dayton’s force as a way to keep the West Bank population under control,” writes Engler. “Like all colonial authorities throughout history, Israel looked to compliant locals to take up the occupation’s security burden.”

It must be remembered that Israel’s “man” in North America, Stephen Harper, would never in a million years give genuine aid or support to the Palestinian people.

Harper neglects the needs of his own citizens, and even turns a blind eye to the murder of his own soldiers, so how can anyone believe that this arch-miscreant of Canadian politics would ever lift a finger to rescue the Palestinians from the hell they have been subjected to since 1948?

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