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Zionist Regime: Hezbollah Firepower Greater Than That of All European Countries Together

Rocket-Israeli Army

The Israeli intelligence and security circles have increased their reports about Hezbollah qualitative and quantitative military power, stressing that the part possesses 150 rockets, including those that can hit any target across the occupied Palestinian territories.

The importance of the recent Israeli estimations lies in the fact that they were delivered by the former intelligence officer Yaakov Amidror who was Zionist PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s national security advisor for 2 years (2011-2013) and previously the head of the Research Department of Israeli military intelligence. So, Amidror’s data gain authenticity due to the official posts he occupied.

Amidror noted that Hezbollah developed its rocketry abilities to be able to encounter the Israeli arsenal, asserting that the part has 150 thousand rockets, including those that can reach any target in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Zionist officer pointed out that Hezbollah firepower is greater than that of all the European countries together, adding that the party accumulated effective military experience from its intervention in Syria war.

According to Amidror, if Bashar Assad defeats the terrorist groups, Hezbollah influence and power will augment in Lebanon and Syria.

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