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Zionist regime’s forces arrest three Hamas members

In continuation of its hostile efforts to sabotage participation of the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" in Palestinian national elections, Zionist regime forces arrested three other members of movement.

The Zionist regime continues its hostile moves against Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement ‘Hamas’ in order to sabotage its participation in the Palestinian national elections, Al-Youm reported.

According to the report, Zionist regime’s forces, in addition to raiding various parts of the West Bank, arrested 25 Palestinians on Monday. 

Palestinian media reported that three members of the Hamas movement were among those detained by Israeli forces.

Earlier, a senior Hamas member Husam Badran said that detention of candidates in Palestinian National Election by the Zionist regime’s military is a clear interference in Palestine’s internal affairs.

Badran said that Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement ‘Hamas’ has established extensive contacts with regional and international parties and called for pressure on the Zionist regime to stop any interference in the internal affairs of Palestine and the election process.

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